Too many chiropractors confess to feeling alone and stuck in their development.

The Chiropractic Success Academy empowers you to grow your practice. Join other like-minded DCs who want to pursue excellence in every area of their profession.


Get The Resources And Accountability To Grow Your Life And Practice

Some of the benefits of being a part of the CSA:
Increase Your Income
We understand the pressure that comes with treating patients, running an office, managing staff, and marketing. Our training helps you make it all profitable.
Learn Important Skills
Take on the pressures of treating patients, running an office, managing staff, and marketing. Learn how the leaders in our industry have been successful in these areas.
Build Partnerships For Life
Connect with a dynamic network of Evidence-Informed DCs who are committed to advancing our profession with excellence.
Imagine having a single place to track and manage your progress as a DC.
The CSA Digital Dashboard provides you with all of the variables to make accurate decisions to grow your practice while all located in a secure online portal that is branded for your practice.
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Who Is The CSA For?

We've seen amazing results working with chiropractors just like you:
Experienced practice owners with a growth mindset
New practice owners
Students who want to supplement their education with business, marketing, communication and financial skills.
Owners who want to train their associates and staff on marketing, clinical, and personal development.
Independent Contractors looking to grow their patient base.
Associates who need to learn how chiropractic business actually works.
We Are Serious About Developing A Generation Of Outstanding Chiropractors
The Chiropractic Success Academy is shaping how evidence-informed DCs become leaders in their community, family and business.

We provide the resources, community, and events you need to grow a thriving practice and life.

Our Founders, Dr. Bobby Maybee and Dr. Kevin Christie are passionate about equipping you with all you need to thrive as a chiropractor today.

They have learned what it takes to face the unique challenges of the chiropractic profession and achieve success in the process.

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"Before joining CSA, I was averaging 49 new patients a month.
Since joining CSA, I improved to 65 the first month and then 75 the next! We were even able to hire an associate. I'm so thankful for this program."

- Dr. Joe Denke, Select Spine & Sports Focus On Health

"I worked with another practice management group in the past which help us scale our practice and learn about delegation but we were always a square peg in a round hole.
The CSA provides direction with complete practice autonomy from an evidence-informed stance. I have finally gained the freedom of purpose in my personal and professional life!"

- Dr. Curt Kippenberger, Focus On Health

Imagine Enjoying Success In These Four Areas Of Your Life

The Clinician
We examine techniques, approaches, and current research that makes you the best you can be for your patients.
The Producer
Learn to produce the best content for your community. We show you how to do effective marketing, producing big results in your practice.
The Businessperson
Become excellent in business. Learn about Accounting, Taxes, staff management, etc from the best DCs in the trade.
The Doctor
Your most important role as a DC is you. We honor that person who works so hard to care for others. Master your head space, body and stress for a maximum quality of life.
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Put The Systems In Place To Track Your Progress And Achieve Your Goals

It's time to step out and get ahead. Join the CSA today.