Dr. Kevin Christie
Kevin understands how challenging it can be to build a chiropractic practice on your own.

He has spent the last decade building his own practice (Health Fit Chiro), creating the Modern Chiropractic Marketing podcast (and Facebook Group of several thousands doctors).

Kevin is relentless in his commitment to equip the evidence-informed chiropractic community with the tools they need to grow a practice that provides them with the freedom to live life on their terms and achieve their career goals.

Kevin lives in Boca Raton, FL with his wife and two children.

Dr. Bobby Maybee
Bobby is passionate in his pursuit of helping chiropractors thrive in life and business.

He understands the concern that many people in the public and in the medical field feel about chiropractors - Bobby shares many of those same concerns.

Bobby is passionate about empowering chiropractors all around the world to serve their patients with the right treatment - the treatment people deserve to get when they are in pain or need help.

He is the Founder of the Forward Thinking Chiropractic Alliance, a network of over ten thousand DCs who are leading practices with patients who are receiving the best, evidence-informed care.

The Values That Drive The Academy

Here's what we are most passionate about as a leadership team:

It Takes A Community
We're building a community of expert guides to help you navigate being a modern chiropractor and/or practice owner.
Ethical Practice Building
We want to grow practices that provide the best outcomes to patients all over the world.
Evidence-Informed Treatment
We want our docs to have access to and be able to leverage the best in modern research.
Lifestyle Building
We believe every chiropractor should enjoy the benefits of being a part of a thriving practice. This means more time off with better holidays.
Don’t let yourself or your practice be left on an island.
CSA is the practice plug-in that provides you with a strategic marketing approach, business strategy, personal Development and lifestyle design.
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