A Roadmap To Success In Business And Life

Success in business and life requires a clear plan and a strong framework to guide you along the way. Our roadmap provides a clear path to follow, helping you to stay on track and avoid distractions that can lead you astray. 

You'll be able to identify milestones and benchmarks that will keep you motivated and on track. 

Goal Setting

For chiropractors, setting goals can help to create milestones in both their personal and professional lives.

By setting goals, chiropractors can chart their progress, identify areas in need of improvement, and adjust their approach as necessary. In addition, sharing milestones with colleagues can help to create a sense of accountability and improve our profession as a whole.

Retreats and Special Events

There's nothing like a change of scenery to jump start your motivation and refresh your perspective.

Taking some time for yourself on a CSA retreat makes all the difference. Special events and retreats offer an opportunity to step away from your everyday routine and into an environment that is dedicated to learning, connecting and taking the time to rest.

You'll return home from CSA events feeling refreshed and ready to take on whatever challenges come your way.

Help With Your Financials

Managing your finances and treating patients is exhausting. We help with the tools and training to learn to delegate what is outside of your realm of expertise.

A Network Of Like-Minded Professionals

Grow your practice with other chiropractors that have the same beliefs as you. Every chiropractor should have a community of guides they can look to for information, support, or unexpected opportunity.

What else is included as part of the CSA?
More benefits our members appreciate:
  • The Success Path
  • Actionable Lessons in Marketing, Business, Clinical, and Mindset.
  • The Content Repository with editable blogs and social media blurbs
  • Secret FB Group members for CSA members to consistently workshop ideas.
  • The Ergonomics Self-Assessment Platform Re-Branded for your clinic: Click here to learn more.
  • Step-by-step strategies for Evidence Informed Chiropractors produced by industry leaders.
  • Monthly FB Be Live Calls with Dr. Bobby Maybee and Dr. Kevin Christie.
  • Free Lifetime Access to Past and Future Virtual Marketing Summits by Modern Chiropractic Marketing Group.
  • Access to Dr. Maybee’s Forward Thinking Chiropractic Alliance and its inner circle.
  • The CSA Digital Dashboard
  • Access to Dr. Christie’s private practice projects, systems, and growth development.
  • Dr. Christie's monthly newsletter with practice insights, behind the scenes, corporate chiropractic, etc